selected work


In 2013, I co-founded Bleeker, a new type of talent company. Hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes from around the world trust Bleeker to advance their most essential pursuits. Unlocking greatness in elusive talent is what we do best.

I spend most of my time listening to and thinking with curious and driven leaders who are building extraordinary teams, companies or bodies of work. I use these insights to create talent solutions with Bleeker’s incredible team of Thinking Partners.

In 2001, as a 23-year old recent college grad moving to New York I saw two problems: First, despite living in one of the nation’s cultural centers, inner city kids were losing access to the arts. And second, fellow young professionals had few ways to truly give back to their community. So I created Giving Opportunities to Others (GOTO), a not-for-profit organization that enriches the lives of promising, underprivileged middle school students by immersing them in art and music.

For close to two decades, GOTO has continued to expand its core outreach program aimed at enhancing artistic literacy and educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. GOTO has raised millions of dollars, sent hundreds of middle school students to summer camp for the arts and enabled thousands of young professionals to give back through volunteering and mentorship events.

As a research affiliate with the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, I supported an incredibly diverse and wildly creative team on projects and initiatives to create sociotechnical systems that shape our urban environments.

Advisory Roles

I am a mentor to Olympic athletes through the United States Olympic Committee's Athlete Network, to entrepreneurs and artists in the NEW INC incubator, and to Princeton University undergraduates through Princeton Internships in Civic Service. I also proudly serve as a Director on the Butterfield & Company Board, a Director on the Ignite entrepreneurial accelerator, and a Bermuda National Gallery Board Trustee.