Cam Snaith
Cam Snaith
I help good people become great

Helping people be great.

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I am driven to empower individuals to make their own path in the world.

That’s why I co-founded Bleeker, a talent company that removes barriers to exceptional advice, unique career opportunities, trusted resources and a supportive community. Bleeker’s mission is to build meaningful careers for all. Bleeker is committed to guiding exceptional people towards mastery, growth and impact through our diverse ecosystem. Hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, artists and athletes from around the world trust Bleeker to advance their most essential pursuits.

I was invited to join the MIT Media Lab as a Research Affiliate within their Social Computing group, a lab creating sociotechnical systems that shape our urban environments. Many years earlier, I founded Giving Opportunities to Others (GOTO), a charity dedicated to providing arts enrichment to underserved youth, which continues on today.

I am passionate about my family, well-being, and enabling others to be the best that they can be.